3 WordPress extensions that will generate traffic to your blog

Hello, ambitious go-getters, wealth creators, this post is a guest article written by Morsi Masmoudi of 3click-Solutions. It’s nice to have a blog, but it’s even better to have visitors and traffic on your blog! Although there is no magic formula for generating traffic to your website, there are many tools (and tips) that can help you. This article will introduce you to a top 3 of the WordPress extensions that will help you generate additional traffic on your blog.

Generate traffic to your wordpress blog

Relive Old Post

Revive Old Post will help you keep your old items alive by automatically sharing them on social networks and bringing traffic back to your site. The plugin has several options that you can configure such as the minimum time (in hours) between two shares, the categories or items to exclude, etc. By default, the plugin allows you to connect to Twitter and Facebook. To connect a third social network, you will need a pro account. The Revive Old Post – premium version of the plugin costs $75 for a single site license and comes with additional features such as the ability to post with an image, and add multiple accounts.

WordPress to Buffer

The “WordPress to Buffer” plugin allows you to publish your messages on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin using a queue. This way we will be able to automate the sharing on these social networks after publishing a new article. If you do not have a Buffer account, you must create one to be able to use the plugin. “WordPress to Buffer” is a plugin that complements “Revive Old Post” since the first one will take care of sharing old articles while the second one will simply automate the social sharing process of a newly published article. With the 2 plugins we cover all the articles of our blog for social sharing. Most social networks are supported with the free version of “WordPress to Buffer”, but if you want to publish on “Pinterest” for example, you will have to switch to the paid version “pro”.


Shareaholic is more than just a simple WordPress plugin, you can also use it simply as an extension of your browser to make it easier to share on most social networks. This extension has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. By default, a floating window appears after the sharing that thanks you for sharing and contains an ad. You can disable the appearance of the floating window or simply the advertising that appears after sharing. Shareaholic also offers other options for your blog in addition to sharing buttons, such as the “Related Post” option, which will display recommended read articles below your blog article (which will further increase traffic and decrease the bounce rate). This is not finished, Shareaholic also has an “Analytics” tool that will generate statistics on the shares and social networks that generate the most traffic for your site.

Bonus: Adwords

If you are ready to invest a little more in your blog, Adwords is a proven solution. Mastering Adwords requires time and experience, if you are not quite sure of yourself, there are specialized professionals like Instaon who can help you start your first Adwords campaigns.